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New August arrivals...yumbo Guatemala and Uganda natural process

by badbeard2 7. August 2020 18:07

In what has seemed like an endless slog with all things pandemic, we're still cranking coffee and finding gems despite the relative slowdowns in new arrivals from origin. This week added delish Guatemala Organic Finca Bourbon, from an estate producing fine coffee for a century, and fittingly "super-eco", bearing certifications from Ecocert, Rainforest Alliance and the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Friendly people. Nice berry and classic chocolate notes.

From the western Uganda Rwenzori region we have a lovely and fruity natural process comprising two varietals made famous in Kenya: SL14 and SL28. Fruit-forward and beefy. 

Both coffees are light-medium roast profiles, shading a bit darker for the Guatemala. Next week will see the arrival of one of our all-time favorite Ethiopian washed coffees from Shantawene Village in the Sidama region.

Thank you for keeping the roaster going! Very grateful for the wonderful support I've received during this crazy period of turmoil!



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