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by badbeard2 25. June 2020 23:19

As the PLAGUE wears us all down at times, roasting is a salve for my spirit, and new crop arrivals are fun to share. Ethiopia, our favorite of all origins, is still behind the production and shipping curves by a couple months in general. We just got one of our faves of recent years, a washed process certified Organic Guji from Kayon Mountain Farm, a large-scale operation that direct trades outside of the Ethiopia Coffee Exchange (ECX). Last year we enjoyed their Natural Process, and for 2020 are starting off with their fine washed coffee.

As always with some niche and small-quantity coffees, under the "Special du Jour Boutique" there are some treasures, like Peru El Diamante Don Elvis and Rwanda Ngororero Honey Process. In the "Rare and Exotic" tab next week there will be a Colombia Natural Process Gesha, currently in the skies coming directly from Manizales.

We will continue to source and roast the tastiest, choicest and most affordable specialty coffees and make your caffeine ritual special every day.



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