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Merry New Year and a few new items in...

by badbeard2 21. January 2021 21:06

Thank you all for keeping the motor running here at Badbeard's. It has been a harrowing year and I'm humbled by how many nice, cheerful and inspiriting notes I've received along the way, describing the importance of the caffeination routine in achieving "normalcy". The challenges have been great: green coffee supply chain, logistics, shipping (USPS is back on track after a terrifyingly spotty December), emotional roller coastering. Keep it going y'all, we will get this American ship aright! A nice cuppa joe makes things better.

As many here know, and new buyers can take note, I often get small stashes of super-primo inventory items to fill the tabs "Special du Jour Deluxe and Boutique, aka roaster's choice....often for "side projects" like the current Oatmeal Coffee Porter for which I collaborated with my roastery suite-mates Brewery 26. This beer just rolled out this week in the Portland area and will be widely distributed (several Markets of Choice got their stashes today, Jan. 21).   I chose three coffees...Costa Rica Arracaches, Colombia Finca San Jose (current inventory item) and Kenya Kiruga AB...for their malty, cocoa and chocolate taste notes any synchrony with the beer ingredients. Turns out in the medium roast this trifecta makes an awesome espresso and drip blend.  

Boutique coffees this month are a natural process Yellow Bourbon gem from Sul de Minas, Brazil and a fruit-forward washed Rwanda. A lovely organic washed process from DR Congo represents my first try at that origin and won't disappoint!


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