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by badbeard2 31. July 2017 22:47

Very tough to ignore this little gem from top-flight producer F.J.C. (Fernando Castro Jimenez) Volcán Azul...we tried red & yellow honey and washed process as well and liked the Black Honey the best. 80% of the mucilage after pulping stays on the seed for a couple of weeks, with little light....the closest thing to full natural process. Sexy coffee.

Despite the current surfeit (one importer lists about 70 different selections!) of honey process coming out of Costa Rica from the recent harvest, microclimates make for a big difference in taste profiles, and Volcan's is special. They committed to maximal preservation and conservancy to the treasure encompassing the farm, earmarking 1500 acres of tropical rainforest .

In the recent Costa Rica Cup of Excellence competition FJC Volcan Azul took second place. It's a privilege to get this coffee!



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