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La Boda Espresso debut...Brazil + microlot El Salvador medley oh my

by badbeard2 27. June 2019 18:13

We are calling this a seasonal espresso but it is going to be a keeper for sure. The pairing of our pulped natural Brazil Mantiquiera de Minas and an awesome trio of coffees from producer Anny Ruth Pimentel and her Beneficio Loma La Gloria in El Balsamo Quetzaltepec is a stunner. Has to be called La Boda..."the wedding"...since it was a special preparation by Anny's farm manager for her own wedding just a couple years ago. Such was the reception that it became an official offering, and emblematic of the fine and unusual work underway at Loma La Gloria. The coffees are Bourbon Red Honey, Pacamara Natural process and Pacamara Yellow Honey process, grown around 1500 meters. Very intense fruit and cocoa notes, light-medium roasted, and paired with the chocolately-nutty Mantiqueira a neat treat. Getting married and want to present your guests with a nice gift? Could be the one....


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