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Comings and goings...February update

by badbeard 18. February 2020 17:47

Lots of activity and new coffees despite this being a lull period; many areas of the coffee world are still picking and processing and 2020 crop juiciness is likely still several months away. That said Rwanda is showing beautifully in the Kivu Kageyo washed just in last Friday. Colombia El Obraje is done for the time being and really digging the Colombia Finca San Jose Tabi which just arrived, courtesy  of our esteemed importer buds at Traviesa. Tabi is a cultivar which has been around since 2002 when announced by CENICAFE but not too often seen commercially. Finca San Jose is Gilberto Osorio's awesome high- quality Risaralda farm and we've had several different coffees from there over the years.

In the Boutique category there's still the eye-(and nose-)popping Costa Rica Brix Calibrated Chacon Family natural process...that's quite a mouthful, we know, but as complex a coffee as we've ever tried from Costa Rica. Love it, and it's a tiny lot. By the end of the week should also be trotting out an organic Timor-Leste. Good times here! 


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