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Coffee Beers 101 @ Baker's Dozen event, March 22, 2020

by badbeard 10. March 2020 13:38

We'll be participating for the 5th year in the annual Baker's Dozen Coffee Beers/Beers/Donuts event in Portland, Sunday, March 22, from 10 AM-2 PM...White Owl Social Club...1305 SE 8th Ave. Creator and organizer Brian Yaeger pairs 13 different collaborating coffee roasters and breweries and invites all the local donut makers to offer their sugary deliciousnesses. Always fun, and some intriguing results. This year Badbeard's is (again) paired with Pono Brewing and John Lovegrove and we're "going big" with Badbeard's Barleywine: Hot Cross Buns Edition. a 9.1 ABV aged barleywine with grape must, tinctures of vanilla and cinnamon, a fillip of red currant puree, and a hefty assemblage of Rwanda Kivu Kageyo, Kenya Gura AB and Nicaragua Finca Limoncillo honey process Javanica varietal, the coffee ostensibly cold-brewed IN the keg. Fabuloso coffees!

If you're in town and want to do something different, this is the event for you. 21+ only.


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