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Accolades for Badbeard!

by badbeard2 12. November 2017 18:18

Fab News! Badbeard’s notched the PEOPLE’S CHOICE award at the  2017 Cascadia Roasters Cup event this past Saturday (held at Buckman Coffee Factory) in Portland, which was open to all. Importer Genuine Origins gave 20 pounds of the same “mystery coffee” participants to roast as they saw fit. 44 roasters altogether submitted their 2.5 lbs. and a  professional cupping jury did their analysis and scoring of five coffees at a time, followed by the presentation to the public (including attending roasters) of drip coffee. I had opted for a light-medium roast to present, finding a nice caramelly sweet spot with citrus notes in the orange family…apparently this resonated with the drinkers, who voted anonymously for their favorite. Unfortunately I had to leave the event in the middle but my bud Lisa from Happyrock Roasting in Gladstone did me a solid and sent me text messages and an award announcement  vid as the field was winnowed down to the finalists.  So happy! And special thanks to Cassy and Joey Gleason of Buckman/Marigold Coffee and everyone involved for running such a smooth show.

Today I ordered a lot of this coffee..a washed Colombia Galeras from the Nariño Department.. to put out there for the public. Check back here and for the arrival date…should be cranking it out the week of Nov.20, and this is a really nice go-with coffee for Thanksgiving!



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