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by badbeard 15. November 2007 14:13

The world seems awash with coffee, good and bad. Badbeard's is all about choosing and roasting only exceptional beans, and insuring that the far-flung growers whose lovingly-cultivated products we sell get their fairest share. It's no longer enough to merely tout buying organic & fair trade products…it's put up or shutup. We in the roasting community can seriously impact some of the world's most remote and impoverished agronomic enterprises. To this end, Badbeard's heartily supports the Café Femenino Foundation (see Café Femenino) and buys superb green beans from the Organic Products Trading Company ("Optco"), a direct importer of coffees from Café Femenino projects in Peru, Mexico and Guatemala. Optco's tireless, hands-on works with these growers/producers not only ensures great coffee but social balance, sustainable farming practice, and quality of life. We have consistently found the best coffees to represent a higher-conscience from grower to roaster, and consumers of our java will notice the difference in every cup.


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