Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

Weinland Invades New York's Park Slope

by Lil Buddy 12. June 2008 13:16
WEINLAND paused midway through their 2008 U.S. tour in New York, Wed. June 11, to play an all-Portland show at Brooklyn's Union Hall in Park Slope. The intimate setting allowed a capacity crowd to bump up against the band, while frontman Adam Shearer powered through most of the songs on their new album, La Lamentor, in a fast-paced hour-long set that left the crowd begging for more. When someone shouted "play three more songs or we'll kill you" (true to New York style), Shearer immediately responded with "that's the first death threat I can actually get behind". WeinMark coffee, Badbeard's proprietary blend of select beans with a misting of Maker's Mark bourbon, was selling briskly at the swag table. Jacob Golden and The Battle Of Land & Sea were also on the roster that night.


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