Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

Rockin' Yemen Mokha Harazi, calling all violists

by badbeard 15. December 2009 23:29

However you spell it (Mocha Harasi is equally popular) this dry-process Yemen which we just picked up flat out kills at Full City+ roast.  Really small, dense & intense beans, quite uniform...and tasty!  Dried apricot, cinnamon, persimmon, 80% Ivory Coast chocolate, sweet.  Have been drinking it as a drip four days post-roast and it's still developing...Deep rich s.o. espresso shots.  And here I thought there'd be no good Yemeni offerings this year...wrong again!  Even more interesting and complex than the excellent Ismaili lot which we just finished.

Charles, if you're listening, this baby's for you.

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The Grind

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