Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

New arrivals for Wednesday, August 24

by badbeard 22. August 2011 14:29

My crystal ball tells me that we are getting two hot javas this week, a tremendous, off-the-charts fruit bomb lot of Ethiopia washed Sidamo and two new Mountain Water Process decafs, from Guatemala and Brazil. Three promising samples...two washed Yirgacheffes and a Harar... from our old friends at Dominion Trading were roasted yesterday and we'll let them rest a fw days prior to cupping and reporting back.

Our Yirgacheffe from exporter Andulina is drinking beautifully right now, as a single origin 'spro or drip. The new crop Sumatra Tabu Jamu is very intense and aromatic, and makes great cold brew.

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