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New arrivals tomorrow

by badbeard 29. January 2009 18:29

Excited at the two new sweet picks (more next week when Bolivia Cup of Excellence National Winner arrives) coming tomorrow (yeah, when I tote 'em back from the Green Room in Seattle!!)...Ethiopia Sidamo Shanta Golba from the Oromia Cooperative Union, a fruit bomb with great body and finish, and a Mountain Water Process Decaf Sumatra from Aceh region which is a delightful surprise for those who like tasty, full-bodied non-fuel java.

For those of you who missed the riveting, informative and utterly real and depressingly optimistic documentary "Black Gold"...GO SEE IT!  It presents the reality of Ethiopian coffee today through the matrix of the Oromia Cooperative Union and it's charismatic and stalwart leader, Tadesse Meskela.  I'm thrilled to be supporting these hardworking farmers and their continuing battle to survive the vagaries of their new emerging coffee market (bourse).  In case you didn't know it, I LOOOOVE ETHIOPIAN COFFEE!!  Now feel fair and balanced with inventory of superb offerings from Sidamo, Harar and Yrgacheffe! 


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