Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

New arrivals and sold-outs...

by badbeard 3. September 2009 16:20

Rossalina, our bright-red roaster, is mourning the final passing of several of our favorite coffees...SO DON'T try to order them!!Farewell!! But long-awaited beans will be landing on Tuesday from Ethiopia, El Salvador, Brazil, Panama and sumatra will be ready to share next week.

ARRIVING:  Panama Carmen Estate, Ethiopia Amaro Gayo (OG/RFA),, Brazil Cerrado Natural, Sumatra Mandheling (OG),  El Salvador (Women's) Santa Teresa (OG/FT)

DEARLY DEPARTED (some will be back either this or next year): Dominion Yirgacheffe Anbassa Bunna (2010 we hope!!!), Sumatra Takengon, Ethiopia Longberry Harar (back in 2010 hopefully!), Ethiopia Shanta Golba.

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