Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

Mysterious disappearances? Goodbyes due to old friends, alas, but some hellos...

by badbeard 29. September 2011 00:44
Nothing lasts forever, and some of you might be wondering why the ranks of Badbeard faves are thinning...well I'm working as fast as humanly possible to replenish stocks of our former standouts; Panama Hartmann Honey -process, Mexico Terruno Nayarita natural, all the Daterras, Harar, to name a few.  Most recent arrival to scream about is the exceptional Ethiopia Yirgacheffe wet process offering from the Biloya Co-operative in Gedeo district.  The look of this rather hand-selected harvest is fabulous...mostly smallish, intense (15 screen size), quaker-free, uniform.  Not surprisingly the flavor profile is a knockout

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The Grind

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