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Got Speck? and other food notes

by badbeard 2. October 2009 10:10

One of the great pleasures of the coffee biz is the near-constant contact with foodies of all stripes, especially on the production side.  Case in point David Bergen, who with wife Tina offically celebrated 19 years of Tina's Restaurant in Dundee yesterday.  Congrats to y'all and yer staff, who are wonderful.  David is a bundle of creative energy and is heavily in process making his first real Pinot Noir vintage, which will be barreled soon after processing.  Needless to say, Tina's proximity to the wine-making center of Oregon combined with the close contact with the winemakers themselves has led to a wonderful synergy.  But David is also heavily into pig processing, and a colorful assortment of of traditionally-made charcuterie hangs in the  cooler near the  kitchen entrance.  I am now the proud and drooling recipient of a recently-made speck, which will hang and cure for a time more in my wine "cellar".  'Fraid it's now time to invest in a meat slicer.  Meanwhile it made a lovely rear-view mirror adornment on the way back to Portland...only wish I'd had the fuzzy dice from my truck with me to keep it company.


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