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CoffeeFest Seattle 2008

by badbeard 14. September 2008 22:39

A near drive-by on Friday for the CoffeeFest kickoff day.  Had an awesome ride up with LavaJavans Phuong and Cam and what a treat getting to know them a lot better.  We need seriosity like theirs in this business!

All the usual suspects at the  convention center, and nice to see Mercanta-ites Grant Rattray, Christian Schaps and Leah Warren anhd be included in the Mercanta fam, having roasted coffees for the show.  Overall response to the new El Salvadors (Finca Alaska, Finca Montañita and Finca Suiza, roasted by Badbeard's for the show) was special and there will be orders aplenty.  After a lengthy hang at Seattle Coffee Works catching up with Sebastian got to see the handiwork off Polina Notic of SCW, who had placed 3rd after the prlims of the latte art competition at the show.  Talented playuh! 

Nice meal at  Icon on 5th, with its amazing assemblage of Dale Chiluly "balloons" all over the friggin' place. Nice to be back in PDX.


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