Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

We disavow any affiliation with The Badbeard Bandit!

by badbeard 17. December 2013 06:02

What happens when coffee sales fall and Badbeard goes bad? He starts robbing banks! Well, we haven't reached that level of desperation yet, but apparently Northern California banks in and around Sacramento are being targeted by a mysterious robber sporting a truly heinous beard as a disguise, who local news organizations have dubbed "The Bad Beard Bandit". And while the bandit has not produced a weapon in any of the robberies, police consider him armed and dangerous. While the banks have not revealed how much booty the bandit has made off with, we know he's not there for the free coffee.

The FBI is requesting assistance in locating the suspected Badbeard wannabe...but we think he just needs to switch to decaf. 

No, he is not affiliated with Badbeard's Coffee!


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