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Badbeard's Win-A-Cup Contest Off and Running!

by Bean 28. March 2009 05:47

Badbeard's Coffee is proud to announce it's monthly coffee giveaway! Enter to win a free pound of Badbeard's super-premium fresh-roasted coffee, delivered free to your door and ready to grind!

Each month we will select a winner at random from all entrants that month. Only one entry per person will be accepted, but you can enter each month for an additional chance to win! Just think what you could do with the money you'd save with a free pound of coffee...ride public transportation a couple of times...switch to organic milk for a your friend one of those song-playing greeting an extra pound of Badbeard's Coffee...there's no end to the possibilities!

Wouldn't you love a free pound of our coffee? What are you waiting for? Enter today!

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Will Coffee Give You The Runs?

by Bean 28. March 2009 05:34

Maybe, but it will also make you run faster! In The New York Times "Personal Best" fitness column March 25, Gina Kolata reported on the indisputable performance-enhancing effect of caffeine on both endurance and strength. Perhaps the most-studied drug in history, caffeine is believed to increase power output in muscle tissue by freeing calcium, as well as providing a mental boost. Additional research has recently shown that caffeine's ergogenic effects continue with regular habituation. And unlike other performance-enhancing drugs that have very specific effects, caffeine improves performance in any sport or exercise.

Although you can simply swallow two 200-mg pills an hour before exercise, Badbeard has a better delivery mechanism...just grind, brew, enjoy and go!

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The Baristas are Coming! The Baristas are Coming!

by badbeard 26. February 2009 08:28

No, not the movie. but the convening of the 2009 US Barista championship (USBC) at the Portland Convention Center from March 4 thru 6.  Should be an interesting and entertaining event, what with the new presence of the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia as the espresso machine at the forefront.  I've heard generally favorable reviews of the machine from more than a few Marzocco & Synesso regulars.

On Friday, March 5 at the noon-one thirty PM slot, Badbeard's will be offering a special Deep Cello espresso blend and a Daterra espresso blend for the 4th machine station, among the many NW and other roasters invited to kick in their offerings.  Stud-barista-in-the-making Ty Hauptman will be serving up killer shots and stuff, then repairing over to NE to work on his chest ink.

Thanks Phuong Tran!  Good luck to all the competitors!!  

PS....congrats to the Billy Wilson family on their 2 day old, 7#, 10oz capuccina, LOLA!!!!

Wine fans...when in McMinnville

by badbeard 7. February 2009 07:55

After you've loaded your trunk with a variety of varietals from the many great wine producers in the Willamette Valley AVA, stop in to Nick's Italian Cafe (521 NE 3rd St in historic downtown) to conclude your journey with a memorable meal.  Starting this week you can conclude your  five star, five course prix fixe feast with a special signature espresso I'm now making for the restaurant.  I promise you will be very happy! 

N.B. March 17....I went there last week for with my Oregon Symphony buds Joe Berger and Greg Ewer for looks great after they remodeled and expanded the dining they're open 6 days a week for lunch as well as dinner.  Amazing food.  Chefs Eric and Carmen are utilizing the wood-burning oven for all manner of things, and the pizza are just spectacular.  We shared a speck and arugula pie, an opener of their house-made salume (sopressata, salami, cotto, prosciutto), hand-made and cut tagliatelle with an awesome gorgonzola sauce, and a panini of mouth-watering tri-tip.  Insanely good stuff, makes me stoopiddrool thinking back on it. Eric promised to let me pull some shots of my extra-special espresso next time.

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New arrivals tomorrow

by badbeard 29. January 2009 18:29

Excited at the two new sweet picks (more next week when Bolivia Cup of Excellence National Winner arrives) coming tomorrow (yeah, when I tote 'em back from the Green Room in Seattle!!)...Ethiopia Sidamo Shanta Golba from the Oromia Cooperative Union, a fruit bomb with great body and finish, and a Mountain Water Process Decaf Sumatra from Aceh region which is a delightful surprise for those who like tasty, full-bodied non-fuel java.

For those of you who missed the riveting, informative and utterly real and depressingly optimistic documentary "Black Gold"...GO SEE IT!  It presents the reality of Ethiopian coffee today through the matrix of the Oromia Cooperative Union and it's charismatic and stalwart leader, Tadesse Meskela.  I'm thrilled to be supporting these hardworking farmers and their continuing battle to survive the vagaries of their new emerging coffee market (bourse).  In case you didn't know it, I LOOOOVE ETHIOPIAN COFFEE!!  Now feel fair and balanced with inventory of superb offerings from Sidamo, Harar and Yrgacheffe! 


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Guatemala Antigua bliss is back!!!

by badbeard 5. January 2009 23:13

It has been a long road to hoe finding that traditional big-cup o' chocolate Guatemalan coffee from ANY of her many growing regions,but I think we have it, and readily available!  Hats off to the FEDECOCAGUA assemblage for this offering of Genuine Antigua Pastoral, which jolts me back to the old paradigm of such rich taste associations with that country.  BIG body, BIG chocolate and spicy notes, at last....exciting & thick cup texture, moderate acidity and complex, creamy espresso shots. 

FEDECOCAGUA is a second-level co-operative founded in 1969 to improve the position of small-scale coffee growers. It is the umbrella organisation for 19,354 coffee farmers belonging to 37 affiliated farmers’ organisations. FEDECOCAGUA provides a range of services including access to a credit scheme, technical support, transport, warehousing, and the purchase, processing and export of members’ coffee beans.  This is an exceptional coffee not to be missed.

I will be using it in This is My House! blend FOR SURE, and in fact will dig into a cup tomorrow from today's roast.....

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Naturally Nirvana blend rated in December Coffee Review online

by badbeard 3. December 2008 09:17

The hedonist in me pointedly differs with the assessment appearing in the December online Coffee Review ( of exotic offerings.  The aroma of this blend of Mexico Terruño Nayarita natural and India Anokhi liberica is defiantly unique, IMHO, and an exceedingly rich and balanced cup of coffee with great mouthfeel.  I have prepared straight espresso shots of this blend and it has serious legs!  Arguably the best way to experience the Anokhi (in a blended format), although I absolutely love it straight up, as do several of my customers who find it to be one of the world's great java experiences.  The Anokhi aromatics appear as well in the Deep Cello espresso.  Try it yourself!

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Sad day in McMinnville

by badbeard 15. October 2008 15:54

Noting the untimely passing of visionary David Lett, without whom Oregon would have no serious wine industry.  Eyrie is certainly in fantastic hands with son Jason and family but clearly we lost one of the giants in American wine.  Buy some of their Pinots for starters and raise a glass to David Lett tonight!

NY Times obit:



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Coffee Review recognition

by badbeard 8. October 2008 18:23
First submittal to Coffee Review (, industry demi-god Kenneth Davids's tasting forum website, seems to have raised eyebrows to one of our excellent and very affordable Indian javas, Thogarihunkal Estate.  The review gave it 88 points and notes all of the salient cupping characteristics which sold us on the coffee years ago.  Our feeling has always been that Indian specialty coffees are vastly underrated and often overlooked...this despite the fact that some estates have been around since the mid-1800s!  Most serious roasters have Indian coffee offerings and we hope that more join us!

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CoffeeFest Seattle 2008

by badbeard 14. September 2008 22:39

A near drive-by on Friday for the CoffeeFest kickoff day.  Had an awesome ride up with LavaJavans Phuong and Cam and what a treat getting to know them a lot better.  We need seriosity like theirs in this business!

All the usual suspects at the  convention center, and nice to see Mercanta-ites Grant Rattray, Christian Schaps and Leah Warren anhd be included in the Mercanta fam, having roasted coffees for the show.  Overall response to the new El Salvadors (Finca Alaska, Finca Montañita and Finca Suiza, roasted by Badbeard's for the show) was special and there will be orders aplenty.  After a lengthy hang at Seattle Coffee Works catching up with Sebastian got to see the handiwork off Polina Notic of SCW, who had placed 3rd after the prlims of the latte art competition at the show.  Talented playuh! 

Nice meal at  Icon on 5th, with its amazing assemblage of Dale Chiluly "balloons" all over the friggin' place. Nice to be back in PDX.


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