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What the winemakers also do...

by badbeard 6. March 2010 10:46

Nice front page article in today's Oregonian about the story reported here about the vicissitudes of an organ transplant.  In this case congrats to Lupe, Julio y familia y muchissima suerte! Jason Lett and the whole Eyrie family stepped up when it counted, and while the recovery process is ongoing, folks can still contribute.  La Luz is a WONDERFUL wine, filled with the hallmark boldness AND nuance which has made Eyrie one of our prized gems on the Oregon wine map for many years.  This is what community is all about, IMHO. Love the Letts!

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McMinnville cruising

by badbeard 20. July 2008 00:58

Wine things in's going to be a strange year in Mac in the Pinot Noir world, but I'm placing serious bets post-barrel tasting on Michael Stevenson at Panther Creek and Stevenson-Barrie and the Eyrie folk (include Black Cap).  Can't wait til November, but it won't be the same without Jim Diamond making the rounds with me, since he'll be teaching chemistry in Beijing and snarfing copious quantities on dim sum and chinese cooking wine.  Hopefully Nick's will have joined the Badbeard family by then and I can count on drinking heavily and then waking up with Carmen's pasta and a few espressi.

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