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New crop India Kattehollay Estate Peaberry is in

by badbeard 28. March 2010 12:53

The first KPCI container landed last week here in Oregon and I retrieved our treasured Kattehollay Estate Peaberry yesterday and it is even more beautiful than last year's stellar crop.  The tiny Chikmagalur estate continues to produce some of the best coffee ever to come out of India and we secured as much as we could for this year!  Every bit as interesting as the vaunted peaberry from Tanzania without the extreme swings in flavor profile, and a vibrant coffee in any preparation, including Single Estate espresso.

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The Grind

From the Indian coffee troves...comin' in a moment to you

by badbeard 1. April 2009 09:09

Andrea and I, yon Badbeard, are thrilled to be the only source for the exquisite new crop Kattehollay Peaberry from the Chikmagalur district.  This is an awesome coffee, grown at an unusually high 4500 ft elevation.  Sustainably-farmed of course, as are all of the coffees sourced by Karnataka Plantation Coffees...Kattehollay Estate being a client of KPCI's micro-nutrient program.  For those who have never tried an India coffee, this is a winner...

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The Mill

Coffee Review recognition

by badbeard 8. October 2008 18:23
First submittal to Coffee Review (, industry demi-god Kenneth Davids's tasting forum website, seems to have raised eyebrows to one of our excellent and very affordable Indian javas, Thogarihunkal Estate.  The review gave it 88 points and notes all of the salient cupping characteristics which sold us on the coffee years ago.  Our feeling has always been that Indian specialty coffees are vastly underrated and often overlooked...this despite the fact that some estates have been around since the mid-1800s!  Most serious roasters have Indian coffee offerings and we hope that more join us!

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The Mill