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Espresso lovers, Brazil Daterra organic Sweet Blue returning!

by badbeard 10. February 2013 10:43

Arguably Brazil's Daterra Farms runs the world's most thorough, soup-to-nuts turnkey coffee operation, from seed to cup. Their Penta system assures quality control in every stage of development and the results are stunning, organically produced and Rainforest Alliance®-certified coffees. Sweet Blue is produced from exclusively Mundo Novo cultivar, which for single origin espresso offers a near-perfect balance of mouthfeel, acidity, chocolatey sweetness. We are bringing back a small quantity of this year's harvest which will arrive at the roastery mid-week (Feb. 13th). With permission of Sweet Maria's you can read a lot about this estate and see archival photos taken by Thompson Owen in his exhaustive trek of their operation from several years ago.

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Badbeard's Daterra Sweet Blue featured in national mag

by badbeard 4. January 2010 08:38

The excellent mixology and all-drinkables magazine Imbibe features our Daterra Sweet Blue in the current (Jan) issue.  An interesting roundup of 5 varietals, including Mundo Novo, of which Sweet Blue is one of the best on the planet. the 2009 crop is set to land here right about now, and there'ssome of the 2008 still at the roastery in its nitrogen-flushed mylar container which has been keeping it totally fresh since it left the mill in Brazil.

an extraordinary coffee as a single origin espresso as well as a fabulous french press prepation.  I could drink this stuff all day and frequently do!

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