Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

Amazing coffees have arrived and are being roasted

by badbeard 6. June 2008 12:23
Yeah, they are all great,  the Yirgacheffe Harfusa especially...dream kaffa!  Feel spoiled, frankly, but it's about SHARING the goods, no?  I feel connected to these new "terroirs"...Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Tanzania.   Cafe Imports has some seriousss mofo cuppers, and when these beans came in last week I was particularly delighted to see how pristine and well-packed they were...kudos to Yellow Freight....Looking forward to seeing more in the years to come.  I'll be happy to bring in particular lots or individual bags for any competition baristas looking for something distinctive.  The Harfusa could be featured in a hollowed out lemon with a ring of blueberries...certainly would pick up its distinctive qualities.  The Tanz Peaberry is fabulous, with those je ne sais quois intense orange notes also found in my Terruño Nayarita Natural, as well as other berry overtones and the syrupy body of a Sumatra....have to be tried!  And the PNG just flat out rocks.

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The Mill

more great coffees in Portland and my base now one step closer to drinking them

by badbeard 18. May 2008 23:06
Dudes, these Cafe Import guys from Minnesota are always on a roll, esp. having just hosted the SCAA show in a big way.  What a classy operation; incredible response time.  Roasted up today all seven and can't wait to cup on Tuesday with Andrea and a couple other roasters.  The Ethiopians looked awesome, but then again everything is a contender.  I can't wait to be able to offer some of these goodies to everyone! As hot as it was in PDX today, especially within close proximity to the roaster, it was worth it.  The Anokhi is still cupping spectacularly intriguing, unforgettable java if ever there was one.  Wild blueberry notes still all there, complexity and mouthfeel yum to boot. Getting to be toddy season, and I'm more determined than ever make iced coffee taste great.

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The Mill