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Nice review on Coffee Review, but the coffee has sold out!

by badbeard 20. December 2011 23:01

Always nice to get kudos from well-respected and impartial sources, especially industry-standard Coffee Review.  Assessment of the NOW SOLD OUT (boo-hoo, more next year!) Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Biloya Co-op here.

The entire December article on single-variety is very interesting. I lift this part, respectfully and self-servingly...


Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties

Aside from the Geisha, the world’s most distinctive coffees come from southern Ethiopia, where production is dominated by varieties only grown locally and with ancient roots in Ethiopia, the botanical home of Arabica. We debated whether to accept coffees from the Yirgacheffe and closely adjoining growing districts as “single variety” coffees. Strictly speaking, they probably are not; they probably are blends of very closely related local varieties. But given the way these coffees separate themselves in terms of cup profile from other coffees of the world based almost entirely on varietal character, we decided to include them. The Bad Beard Microroastery Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe (91) was the most characteristic because its wet processing revealed the startlingly clear spicy rose and lemon-lime aromatics and the light, silky mouthfeel associated with coffee from this region and its ancient varieties. As with the Geisha, many coffee drinkers will contend this coffee doesn’t taste like coffee. In fact, it suggests a floral black tea, though a very fine floral black tea and one that, well, also tastes like a fine coffee.


Thanks guys!  To all of you who enjoyed this coffee...well, we were lucky for a spell.  More goodies comin'....

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