Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

December arrivals for holiday madness you can drink

by badbeard 30. November 2015 08:00

Primo coffees abounding this week at the roastery as we welcome two new exceptional offerings from one of Colombia's premier estates, Finca Manantiales del Frontino, in Caicedonia, Valle de Cauca. The Geisha is super-special, and to my palate will make you think that Panamanian Geishas are overhyped by comparison. Their Red Bourbon is a washed coffee of a quality never imagined in the "Juan Valdez" universe.

Tomorrow (Dec. 1) we're excited to greet a fantastic Ethiopia natural process Yirgacheffe from the Chelbesa mill which is a big-bodied fruit bomb and a perfect accompaniment to pumpkin pie.

Also back with new fresh lot of Organic Java Taman Dadar, a favorite here for many years running.