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Colombia on special at Markets of Choice

by badbeard 11. January 2014 23:26

The Colombia Narino Peaberry in the multi-roast profile is on sale at all 8 Markets of Choice in Oregon thru January 24th. It's a really nice single origin espresso at a 27 second pull at 200 degrees. I've been gluttonously drinking it every morning in my Bona Vita dripper for a week now, love it!

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Flurries of coffee (NOT snow) arriving December 2013

by badbeard 9. December 2013 23:46

Just in time for the holiday rush exciting new coffees from Brazil (Bobolink), Colombia (Nariño Peaberry), two organic/FT Ethiopians; Sidama natural process(Fura Co-Op) and Yirgacheffe Biloya, Costa Rica Tarrazu Peaberry. C'mon get you some!

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