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Halloween=Badbeard in Chicago=Buzz:Killer Espresso

by badbeard 13. November 2010 21:12

Nothing could thrill a Portland coffee roaster more than seeing his coffee being so lovingly served in another city. Wicker Park's Buzz:Killer Espresso opened with a bang last January and in the intervening months has winnowed its guest roaster offerings to a scant few. You can be sure that "Agnes of Godshot" Otworoski and her crackerjack staff will give you the most lovingly and expertly-prepared cup (no 'spro to go---stay and enjoy it!) of java for miles around.  We're proud to be teamed up with such pros!  A brief pictorial of my trip here

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Chicago here we come again...

by badbeard 1. June 2010 09:57

Buzz: Killer Espresso, 1644 N. Damen Ave in Wicker Park nabe in Chicago will be serving a special Badbeard's all-Brazil espresso this week as well as Kenya Kiambu-Riuki peaberry at the Clever drip station.  For social media savvy and newbies you can follow the feed at

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Deep Cello makes its Chicago "debut" March 28

by badbeard 29. March 2010 10:25

Super-duper espresso fanatics Buzz: Killer Espresso in the Wicker Park nabe of Chicago are pulling shots of a unique Deep Cello formulation consisting of our three Brazil offerings.  Awaiting "judgment day" from them but you can follow their tweets and such at

Buzz, which opened fairly recently, is fronted at the bar by master barista James Liu of Intelligentsia fame.  They serve up a rotation of high-end 'spro and drip coffees from roasters around the country. We are very pleased to be given a shot, no pun disintended!

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