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new arrivals...

by badbeard 13. August 2009 20:14

After a lot of cupping these last few weeks we found some gems to bring to your table starting in early September.... the awesome Ethiopian Amaro Gayo, Panama Carmen Estate, and a fine organic Sumatra Mandheling from the North Aceh region.    From the Sidamo region, the natural (dry-process) Amaro Gayo comes to us from the only woman at the forefront of a coffee producing/milling operation, Asnakech Thomas. [And special props to Joseph Brodsky of Novo/Ninetyplus for his tireless work on all our behalf in the specialty coffee world!!!Go Joseph!!] This coffee will truly be a star among the arriving East African offerings anywhere this year as that country sorts out the arcana of its new Ethiopian Coffee Exchange (ECX). One of Panama's finest producers, Carlos Aguilera's Carmen Estate is a habitual top finisher in the annual Best of Panama competiton.  Rainforest Alliance®-certified, you'll drink this and swear your in the middle of a nature fantasyland in Central American natural.

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Tina's Restaurant, Dundee Oregon

by badbeard 10. August 2009 20:16

So our great friends at Tina's will now have select Badbeard's Coffee offerings to complete their dining experience.  Espresso featuring Daterra Sweet Collection, the impeccable washed Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Anbassa Bunna in their drip machine and the extra-hardy decaf Sumatra-Terruno Nayarita blend.  As usual I got caught there before I could eat a meal...gotta work on that timing!

If it's still on the menu you MUST try the pea soup...paired with the house-made bread, just amazing.  For starters...

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And you thought the wine business was complicated....

by badbeard 28. July 2009 21:26

well, it is, but take a look at the following article which appeared on the website of the SCAA, the Specialty Coffee Association of America ( ***DISCLAIMER***Badbeard's Coffee is not a SCAA member***

A very thoughtful recitation by Ric Rhinehart, SCAA Executive Director.  There's always supermarket coffee for thr uninterested.  If you're a consciencious coffee consumer, you can read this article and get an idea why your latte is expensive, but remember that were it not for the inherent inequity to the quality coffee grower on a worldwide scale, you'd be paying a lot more.  Kinda like the gasoline disparity between Europe and the US....

Well done, Ric.



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Brazil Daterra Estate coffees in da house!

by badbeard 22. July 2009 07:58

Daterra Estate…the consummate expression of Brazil terroir?


We are fanatical about cup quality at Badbeard’s and it should surprise no one that we’re excited to offer several coffee from arguably the most progressive and consistently excellent producer in the world, Daterra Estate.  They micromanage their vast hectareage, respectful of the land, the people who tend and live in it, and as a result have created a wonderful portfolio of special coffees, all organic and Rainforest Alliance® certified.  They have pioneered agricultural development from seed to package (see Penta® System loads somewhat slowly!)) and risen to the top in a country which this year, despite estimates of crop reduction, will likely produce more than 3.5 BILLION pounds of Arabica coffee.

One of the great joys of the coffee business is taking in the smell of the green beans when they first arrive at the roastery.  In the case of Daterra products, this means breaking the seal of the 25 lb, nitrogen-flushed foil bag (packaged as such at origin) and getting a noseful of fresh grassy sweetness.  The beans have been painstakingly picked, processed and moisture-stabilized and arrive in optimal condition for roasting.  Shelf-life is greatly extended with the Penta packaging and the coffees have been known to improve over years. For the espresso connoisseur in particular, the Daterra experience is a must. We were particularly jazzed by the Sweet Blue microlot (pulped natural Mundo Novo varietal, less that 8,000 lbs. produced) and the Sweet Collection.  Both stand on their own cupping merits, notably for their distinct chocolate and fruity overtones, but as primary espresso components really shine.  Sweet Yellow is still shining. Exceptionally tasty in milk and soy-based drinks! No wonder several of the last world champion baristas have used Daterra coffees in their signature blends….enjoy!

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New treasures coming in late June to the roastery

by badbeard 18. June 2009 19:48

Absolute have-to-haves for coffee of the highest-grown and most reponsibly traded Yirgacheffes ever experienced from Anbassa Bunna, organic and WAYYY better than fair trade.  Also two surprises of new crop  Daterra Estates, Brazil's finest producer....stay tuned....

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When in Dundee, Oregon

by badbeard 18. June 2009 19:35

Of course if you've ever driven into the Willamette Valley wine region from Portland you've likely passed by, and hopefully stopped in to eat, at Tina's Restaurant on Hwy 99W in Dundee.  Chefs/owners Tina and David Bergen have been graciously offering some of the finest mostly locally-grown/cultivated foods for many years now, and are equally fine people as restauranteurs.  Stop in and end your meal with a shot of Badbeard's special Deep Cello espresso, then eat some more.


NEW ARRIVALS May 8, 2009

by badbeard 8. May 2009 07:31

New crop (2009) Antigua Pastoral has hit the shores from Guatemala and promises the same beautifully balanced, classic Antigua profile offered in last year's Pastoral.

New for this year is the delicious, full-bore Sumatran offering from the Aceh region.  For more info click here

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Couple of Badbeard sightings in Roast magazine current issue

by badbeard 25. April 2009 08:36

A nice reprint in the May/June issue of wonderful trade mag Roast of the rating assessment of This is MY (house)! coffee which appeared in the February Coffee Review ( alongside two others.  Also an interesting synopsis of coffee advertisiments thru the ages with a screen cap of one of the revolving Badbeard logos...."peacocks prefer it....", in the ahoy mateys page (p. 26). Thanks Connie Blumhardt, shanna Germain and gang

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Weinland CD release concert, Badbeard's WEINMARK coffee TBF(featured)

by badbeard 8. April 2009 15:47

What, you didn't know that Weinland's amazing new album "Breaks in the Sun" is getting its birthing partay this weekend at Mississippi Studios in Portland???!!! Get on it!  Tix are blitzing out this week...Saturday night, April 11, two shows...doors at 7.  I'll be playing on a few tunes with the bros...Check out the bar and think past the PBRs for a microsecond...there'll be a large quantity of Weinmark served, and the barfolken promise to come up with some special drinks.  Weinmark, of course, is Badbeard's band tribute coffee, a sumptuous melange of world-class java processed with near-copious quantities of our favorite whiskey.  Somewhere there's an archival CDBaby newsletter opining that Weinmark is the year's most unusual merch table offering.....and locally speaking (we're in there anything NOT about local??) sales of bags of Weinmark generate proportional $$$$ for our favorite local, non-profit teen-mentoring organization, p:ear (  So pick some up and enjoy, support Weinland and p:ear simultaneously. The CD's fabulous, and if you have yet to experience Weinland in concert, NOW'S THE FRIGGIN' TIME dudes!

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From the Indian coffee troves...comin' in a moment to you

by badbeard 1. April 2009 09:09

Andrea and I, yon Badbeard, are thrilled to be the only source for the exquisite new crop Kattehollay Peaberry from the Chikmagalur district.  This is an awesome coffee, grown at an unusually high 4500 ft elevation.  Sustainably-farmed of course, as are all of the coffees sourced by Karnataka Plantation Coffees...Kattehollay Estate being a client of KPCI's micro-nutrient program.  For those who have never tried an India coffee, this is a winner...

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