Cold Grinds, Cool Beans...Mas Mocha

New December arrivals and Uber-Special rare Xmas gift opportunity

by badbeard 11. December 2014 15:59

The roastery filled with new seasonal goodies from Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia. Looking for an affordably luxurious gift for your favorite coffee geek? Try the microlot organic Colombia Granja La Esperanza natural process, a sensational cup. Another organic offering is from our partner importers Sustainable Harvest of Portland...Ethiopia Sidamo Wotona Bultuma, a washed process fruit bomb from the SCFCU (Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union). We have choco-nutty-fruity new Late Harvest Brazils from OurCoffees (Copermonte Cooperative in Minas Gerais)..."Sugar" and "Dry", the latter more reminiscent of Central America and Africa. However you swing it, Happy Holidays!

New Colombia Huila available 11/19/14

by badbeard 18. November 2014 09:13

Excited to have this excellent coffee and partnering with Sustainable Harvest to bring it to my customers! Coocentral is a large and exceptional growers co-op making a real difference in Colombia.

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Quick note on CLEVER COFFEE DRIPPER and Filtropa #4 filters coming!

by badbeard 18. November 2014 08:32

The popular Clever dripper will be out of stock until the end of this week of November 17. We are bringing in the Holland-made Filtropa #4 paper filters for the Clever or your favorite cone dripper. These babies are in our opinion superior to the standard #4 Melitta or Melitta-clone filters...better construction and negligible paper taste, and hold up better if you do a "pre-rinse" before adding your ground coffee.

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Soon to come, 11/5/14...Guatemala and Sumatra

by badbeard 4. November 2014 08:29

We will be receiving two lovely coffees this Friday and ready to ship...Rainforest Alliance-certified Guatemala Antigua Finca Medina and Sumatra Wahana Estate semi-washed process. Excited about both!

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Kenya AA "Super Duper" at Market of Choice Oct. 31

by badbeard 30. October 2014 09:33

Halloween the perfect day to introduce this scary-great Kenyan coffee to all of the Markets of Choice in Oregon. Check the ad in the Savories flyer or just go see your coffee section! We were sad to see importer Robinson Mutiso leave Portland back for his homebase in Chicago but can't wait for his return.

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New arrivals 9/23/14 from East Africa...stunning!

by badbeard 23. September 2014 19:22

Excited to be able to share some really great stuff from Ethiopia (Ch'ire Sidama and Yirgacheffe Gutiti) and, exclusive to the West Coast, Kenya AA Kianjuri Co-Op. In the humdrum of your morning you really need to try something that represents the finest coffee farming around. And many thanks to Benjamin Mutiso of exporter Star Coffee Kenya and his wonderful son, my bud Robinson, now of Chicago and the world of coffee importing!

End of summer arrivals, back to (coffee) school y'all!

by badbeard 4. September 2014 17:39

Please check out new offerings from Brazil, Ethiopia, Java and El Salvador! Yumbo all, especially excited to have a honey-process El Sal in da house again!

Organic Bolivia in Market of Choice Savories flyer starting tomorrow 7-24-14

by badbeard 23. July 2014 11:59

Thanks to the folks at Markets of Choice in Eugene, Corvallis, Portland, West Linn and Ashland...this is a wonderful and underappreciated and circulated coffee! Big body, fruity and chocolatey, certified Organic and Fair Trade. Sale for next 2 weeks starting Thursday July 24.

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Beautiful Organic Bolivia Peaberry arriving 6-25-14

by badbeard 24. June 2014 10:04

Coffees from South America still the freshest and most-recent in the Americas, and so happy to be bringing in this luscious washed Bolivia Peaberry from the outstanding CENAPROC cooperative in Caranavi. CENAPROC has produced many award-winning coffees over the years, including the Best of Bolivia (which was discontinued in 2004) and this is a rich, well-balanced fruit and chocolate excursion in your cup!

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Out for a spell, but beauties coming in

by badbeard 13. May 2014 10:20

Week of May 12 update...heading back East on Thursday to play some chamber music in Marblehead, Mass. Will be roasting/shipping thru Thursday May 15 and back at it next Tuesday. If you wait til Wednesday you'll get a taste of two great Kenyas (FINALLY) and the awesome Guatemala Bella Carmona, all arriving that day. PLEASE NOTE the shipping dates...will list the products available for pre-order. Kenyas are from Gathinga mill and a special blend of Top Lots.

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