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NOTE: All of our premium Arabica coffees are roasted to City+ to Full City roasts, showing minimal-to-no surface oils….we want all of the flavor to stay in the beans until the coffee is ground! Despite the additional descriptors, the first flavor and aroma you'll think of is "COFFEE".

Sumatra Aged Blue Batak

Country of Origin: Sumatra
Sumatra Aged Blue Batak
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The last few years we have seen once-powerhouse Sumatra returning to its rightful place in the coffee chain. The 2004 tsunami disaster wreaked havoc on the Northern part of the island, particularly, and the rebuilding of families, infrastructure and plantings has been arduous. Quality has been steadily returning, and we are sneaking in with a most unusual offering of Aged Blue Batak to complement our more-traditional Organic Takengon Mandheling KKGO. Aged Blue Batak, which hails from the Lake Toba/Lintong region, is produced at 1000-1200 meters by a group of smallholder farmers spearheaded by the triumvirate of Resina Sihombing, Malon Sianturi and Hernis Sianturi. Principally comprising Catimor and Djember (adding local varietals Sigarar Utang and Garunggang), the coffee undergoes traditional semi-washed/wet hulling process; cherry is partially mechanically-pulped, stored briefly in bags for fermentation, and then taken to a mill for the removal of the parchment. This still-moist-bean processing..eschewing the drying common in most of the rest of the coffee world.. imparts the bluish-green tinge, and much of the prized “rustic” and earthy flavor one finds in fine Sumatran coffee. The additional aging of two years (this coffee was harvested/processed in Sept-Oct. 2016) in humidity-controlled warehouse brings more intense flavors to the fore.
Drip methods and French Press are arguably the best way to experience this unique coffee. The woodsy-sweet, cashew, toasted sesame and tobacco-ey notes emerge in the medium roast profile.

 1 lb. bag $14.95 lb.

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good to the last bean
We are such perfectionists we roast one bean at a time for the ultimate coffee experience! (OK, not really)
" Kiflu Hussain July 7 at 9:09am · Surprise! surprise! I have never received a personal or official letter through my employer's mail box. This morning, the mailman came as usual and left a package on the table near the entrance to my office. I assumed that it could be something to do with the Institute I work for and addressed to our boss or the Coordinator as usual. When our Coordinator arrived, she said this is for you. Suspicious, I looked up the sender's name which is totally unfamiliar to me. Also checked from where it was sent. It's from Portland, Oregon. Although, I know two persons from Oregon, one living in Salem, the other one I don't exactly know, the package was not even from these friends. Meanwhile, I was sort of hesitant to open the package from a total stranger. But my colleague encouraged me, thus I opened it. It's from a guy who listened to my interview on NPR, The Takeaway. He told me that he's touched by the passionate discussion I had with John Hockenberry. Thus he sent me Ethiopian coffee imported from my country, as he has been in the business of roasting coffee since 2000 which inspired him to know more about Ethiopia. Well, it would be an understatement for me to say that I am encouraged by this person's kind gesture. I am also touched and humbled to have one more rich connection with a fellow human being."
KHussain, Dallas, TX
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