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NOTE: All of our premium Arabica coffees are roasted to City+ to Full City roasts, showing minimal-to-no surface oils….we want all of the flavor to stay in the beans until the coffee is ground! Despite the additional descriptors, the first flavor and aroma you'll think of is "COFFEE".

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Colombia Huila Excelso Coocentral We are frankly thrilled to be partnering with Portland's outstanding enterprise Sustainable Harvest to bring you this excellent lot of coffee from the Huila department of Colombia. It has a classic Colombian ...
Origin: Colombia
$14.95 / lb.
Ethiopia Guji Sidamo Natural Process We are unabashed fans of natural (dry)  Ethiopian coffees, which when meticulously harvested, sorted and processed on raised African beds (as pictured) represent the quintessence of this origin. This ...
Origin: Ethiopia
$15.25 / lb.
Ethiopia Sidamo "Ch'ire" Washed Process Ch'ire is a district of the Sidama Zone of Southwest Ethiopia, which produces some of the world's finest and rarest coffees. This scarce lot of heirloom varietals grown between 1800-2000 meters is most ...
Origin: Ethiopia
$16.50 / lb.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Washed Gutiti Ethiopia washed Yirgacheffe “Gutiti”
Over the years we have offered and highlighted many different  specialties from the Yirgacheffe growing district, and this “Gutiti” (a sub-region of Yirgacheffe) ...
Origin: Ethiopia
$16.50 / lb.
Guatemala Antigua Finca Medina RFA Guatemala Antigua Finca Medina
Guatemala and much of Central America suffered greatly the last two years from the nasty Roya fungus which wiped out a good deal of production. Fortunately the Finca Medina, ...
Origin: Guatemala
$15.49 / lb.
Organic Colombia Granja La Esperanza Natural Process A great gift any time for your favorite coffee geek is the new harvest microlot (really a nanolot, production is so limited) Organic Colombia Granja La Esperanza natural process from their Potosí
Farm ...
Origin: Colombia
$22.95 / lb.
Pops' Blend I thought one of the best ways to cope with the grieving process for my late father, Jerry Kagan, would be to create a blend in his honor to remind myself of one of the many ways he touched my life.  ...
Origin: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania
$16.95 / lb.
Sumatra Wahana Estate (Sidikalang) Coffee The super-rich, volcanic loam soil of the northern sector of Sumatra has long been the most-prized source region for coffee cultivation. Wahana Estate, near the town of Sidikalang (along the shores of ...
Origin: Sumatra
$14.95 / lb.
Clever Coffee Dripper While there are MANY single-cup filter cone drippers out on the market, we decided to have here arguably the easiest to use and most interesting, the Clever Coffee Dripper, which is made in Taiwan by ...
Lower Caffeine African Medley A bold cup of primo Ethiopian coffees which will take the edge off your caffeine buzz with uncompromised flavor. 60% Mountain Water natural (dry) process Sidamo decaf...a fine java at full strength...melds ...
Origin: Ethiopia
$14.95 / lb.
Brazil Natural Process Sugar (OurCoffees) We Badbeardians were all excited when we learned of a new West Coast-based source of fine Brazil coffees, and decided after cupping a wide range of current crop offerings, picked up OurCoffee “Unique ...
Origin: Brazil
$14.50 / lb.
Kenya AA Super Duper Seems like an appropriate name for this special selection, our favorite all-time to date. From the Kianjuri Cooperative , we got an exclusive West Coast distributing opportunity from Star Coffee Kenya ...
Origin: Kenya
$16.75 / lb.
Kenya Hotshot Espresso A special espresso comprised of Microlot “Top Lot” Kenya AA and Brazil Natural Process Fazenda Pedralva. The Kenya portion was a pre-blend of the top-scoring coffees from the East African powerhouse and ...
Origin: Brazil, Kenya
$15.95 / lb.
Organic Ethiopia Sidamo Wotona Bultuma Co-Op washed Yet another fresh East Africa gem is our Organic/RFA/FairTrade Sidamo  washed Grade 2. A fruit explosion! Produced by farmers of the Wotona Bultuma Cooperative and processed at the facilities of the SCFCU, ...
Origin: Ethiopia
$16.45 / lb.
Stradivarius Espresso (aka Deep Cello) A richly sweet, hedonistic medley of fruity, spicy, and single origin chocolate deliciousness.   Divine, crema-laden dark mahogany mottling ristretti as well as full flavor in milk or soy-based preparations. ...
Origin: Brazil, El-Salvador, Ethiopia
$14.95 / lb.
Symphony! Support the Arts with your purchase of Symphony Blend coffee from Badbeard's! $2.00 of every purchase of this delicious blend of world-class Panama, Sumatra and Ethiopian coffees will be given to our ...
Origin: Brazil, El-Salvador, Ethiopia, Sumatra
$13.95 / lb.
Midnight Tango The excellent Santa Leticia Estate Pacamara has shown its mettle as a light-medium roast and we decided to tone down a tad and bring out the cocoa notes by kicking up the roast level and pairing it with ...
Origin: Brazil, El-Salvador, Java
$14.95 / lb.
Symphony Coffee Catch the Buzz with BadBeard's Super-Premium Coffee! We're coffee fanatics, plain and simple; we'll only settle for the best coffee beans we can buy (organic and Fair Trade certified whenever possible) and then happily roast and share the bounty. Frankly, we're kind of sick over all of the hype which riddles the specialty coffee industry. YES, it's true that great beans potentially receive their maximum flavor expression when delivered by professionals using pricey, sophisticated equipment. YES, there is still an alarming amount of "so-so" product out there--so how do you get the GREAT stuff? On these pages you can buy the finest roasted beans which are prized by coffee pros and demanding coffee lovers alike, roasted to the exact point to deliver maximum flavor and aroma. MAKE GREAT COFFEE AT HOME—YOU CAN DO IT! What distinguishes BADBEARD'S offerings is the passion and dedication to the roasting process, done by a demanding professional who keeps it real and small-scale. Great green beans go into our 5-kg per batch max, all-American-made roaster and emerge ready to tell you their story of origin. Always COFFEE first and last, and always spectacular. Period. Savor and smell the difference an uncompromising, artisan roaster can make...then YOU can provide the hype!
Barista extraordinaire Tyler Hauptman of Portland's Sweet Masterpiece Chocolates demonstrates how to prepare a proper latte using Badbeard's Symphony! blend coffee.

New December arrivals and Uber-Special rare Xmas gift opportunity The roastery filled with new seasonal goodies from Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia. Looking for an affordably luxurious gift for your favorite coffee geek? Try the microlot organic Colombia Granja La Esperanza natural process, a sensational cup. Another organic offering is from our partner ...more
New Colombia Huila available 11/19/14 Excited to have this excellent coffee and partnering with Sustainable Harvest to bring it to my customers! Coocentral is a large and exceptional growers co-op making a real difference in Colombia.

Quick note on CLEVER COFFEE DRIPPER and Filtropa #4 filters coming! The popular Clever dripper will be out of stock until the end of this week of November 17. We are bringing in the Holland-made Filtropa #4 paper filters for the Clever or your favorite cone dripper. These babies are in our opinion superior to the standard #4 Melitta or Melitta-clone ...more
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Chris B., NYC
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