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NOTE: All of our premium Arabica coffees are roasted to City+ to Full City roasts, showing minimal-to-no surface oils….we want all of the flavor to stay in the beans until the coffee is ground! Despite the additional descriptors, the first flavor and aroma you'll think of is "COFFEE".

Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak

Country of Origin: Sumatra
Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak
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I don't know if “drive-by green coffee buying” is a thing yet, but took advantage of a timely offer from my friends at Buckman Coffee Factory in Portland (co-roastery/warehouse/Marigold Coffee home base) of a 30 kg bag of excellent Sumatra Lintong Boru Batak. Indonesian coffees are somewhat scant, and missing our Organic Java and Flores. This Batak is a visually beautiful wet-hulled, triple-picked coffee, big polished beans (18+ screen) and a “side project” of famed Costa Rica producer La Minita. Phat body, papaya, sweet, chocolatey. Grown between 1000-1800 meters, comprising Ateng, Jember and Garundang varietals, from the Lake Toba Lintong area of Northern Sumatra. Medium roast profile…French press particularly rich. Will go fast…
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Barista extraordinaire Tyler Hauptman of Portland's Sweet Masterpiece Chocolates demonstrates how to prepare a proper latte using Badbeard's Symphony! blend coffee.

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checking the roast
Five more seconds until roasting perfection!
"Good morning Justin, I just wanted to thank you for sending the second package. We received it and now the Atelier can rest easy knowing they have some FANTASTIC coffee. Your customer service goes above and beyond and is VERY much appreciated."
Liz R., Orange, CA
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