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NOTE: All of our premium Arabica coffees are roasted to City+ to Full City roasts, showing minimal-to-no surface oils….we want all of the flavor to stay in the beans until the coffee is ground! Despite the additional descriptors, the first flavor and aroma you'll think of is "COFFEE".

Ethiopia Harar natural Tiret Cooperative

Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Ethiopia Harar natural Tiret Cooperative
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Coffee importers and beanhunters come in all shapes and sizes. We were particularly happy to hear our partners (and partners in life) Emily and Mike McIntyre at Catalyst Coffee Consulting of Portland were off to Ethiopia for a six-month journey of exploration. They came back recently with tons of great stories and coffees which we are happy to have and share. Ethiopia, from whence ALL java 1500 years ago, is currently undergoing sea changes in the way it produces and markets coffee, most notably allowing once again direct trade and sanctioning single farm production/export.
The McIntyres hit paydirt in the Harar region, where they worked closely with members of the Tiret Coffee Producers Cooperative Association (TCPCA). Harar coffees,almost always natural (dry) processed owing to the scarcity of water in the region, have long been prized…in their best iterations..for topnotes of blueberry and florals. We are enthusiastically roasting the offering of Abebeyahu Negash, one of the 23 farmers in the TPCPA, which was formed in 2014. The farm is…quite a mouthful of specificity here…in the Oromia Region, Arsi Zone, Gololcha District, Chancho Village, and processed at the Samson Girma dry mill. Farms elevations range from 1850-2100 meters and comprise indigenous heirloom varietals. Just delicious! Mike's (he's a certified Q grader) table cupping notes say “candied fruit, caramel truffle, maple”. Our roast is on the light side to do justice to these observations, and it's also nicely bodied and chocolatey. A great drip/pourover coffee not to be missed.
Stay tuned in August for the arrival of two other Catalyst coffees we committed to early after cupping them together here in Portland…Semalo Pride (mill) Yirgacheffe Gelana Abaya washed and natural process…stellar!
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Barista extraordinaire Tyler Hauptman of Portland's Sweet Masterpiece Chocolates demonstrates how to prepare a proper latte using Badbeard's Symphony! blend coffee.

Arrivals: Ethiopia washed Yukro fabuloso, Peru SWP Decaf This Yukro is the bomb! A relatively new co-op, Kata Muduga, in the Jimma Zone of Oromia in SW Ethiopia, central of all great things coffee. On the cupping table, any washed coffee that can fool me and others into thinking it's a natural process is AUTOMATICALLY booked. Special stuff for drip or ...more
Arrivals, last ditch rush orders still screams HAPPY HOLIDAYS Most recent sample arrivals were two excellent Papua New Guinea coffees, Kiam and Marenban Estate,  both from the Eastern Highlands region. The (washed process) Kiam is  big-bodied and citrussy sweet and offered stand-alone. The Marenban is going to be reserved for blends (Archipelagos ...more
Colombia Yellow Bourbon and Natural Decaf arrived 11/27 Always-excellent microlots arrive from partners Traviesa Coffee in Manizales around this time of the year, from recent (Sept. thru Nov.) 2017 harvests with great anticipation. The 100% Yellow Bourbon from Finca La Esmeralda in Pitalito is bright, juicy sweet, citrusy and we love it. The ...more
tumblin' tumblebeans
Anticipation! In about 73 seconds another batch of Badbeard's best will tumble from the roaster.
"The Gelana Abaya is delicious -- blueberry flavor with funky cocoa and toasted coconut sweetness in the finish. The sample of the Kiamabara was everything I expect from a Kenya offering -- sparkling plum acidity, contrasting with a sweet but clean finish. So I thank you for the Kiamabara. It will difficult to decide which I will want for my next purchase."
Michael, Berkeley, CA
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